National Skills Registry / Users & Service Providers

These are persons who are either currently employed or aspiring for employment in IT, ITeS / BPO or other companies participating in NSR system (To view the list of participating companies click here). More and more companies are now adopting NSR practice by registering their existing and new employees on NSR. More than 6.40 lakh professionals have registered their details on NSR website by May 2010

NSR Registration process

Website registration : Professionals register their personal, academic and employment information on NSR website and create their profile. Detailed registration guidance is available at
Biometric registration : NSR system provides for unique identity for professionals based on bio-metrics. Professionals provide their bio-metric information i.e. finger-prints and photograph through Point of Services (POS) appointed by NDML. List of POS centers is available at

Professionals are issued NSR registration number i.e. ITPIN by NSR system. This is NSR registration number and remains lifetime permanent for each professional despite change in jobs, addresses, additional qualification etc.
Using NSR system : Registered professionals can
  • Access and view their profile, each person is provided with web-based log-in facility
  • Update own profile for changes such as additional qualification, address change etc. Background verified information cannot be modified.
  • Order background verification report on the details recorded by it (flag: details of verification process). This in a way provides data certification and brings more credibility to the data claimed.
  • View the results of background verification process.
  • Showcase profile to existing or prospective employer companies.
  • Know when such authorised companies view the profile.

NSR system ensures privacy of the data of professionals as the information can be accessed only by their present employer and such companies which are authorised by the professional.

These are leading companies in the IT / ITeS / BPO / Financial services area who endorse NSR initiative and participate in NSR. Subscriber companies believe in the need for a central database of professionals with unique identification and background check results. Subscriber companies intend to register their own employees on NSR and advise registration / verification for new employees through the system. They are participating in developing the NSR information infrastructure for secure and credible industry reference. They are interested in development of the system as a shared industry resource for efficient and secure recruitment practices. These companies act as contributors as well as users of the system

  • by encouraging & facilitating their existing employees to register for NSR.
  • by uploading existing background check reports to NSR system for already verified employees.
  • by requiring their new employees to register and using NSR to background check their profiles.
  • by using the information available on NSR system about Professionals to ensure safer and efficient recruitment processes.

List of Subscriber companies participating in NSR system is available at According to NASSCOM estimates these companies account for 60 % of the employee base in the Indian IT / ITeS industry.

POS is a service provider appointed by NDML for facilitating the Professionals and providing following services

  • Ensuring correct identity of the registering professionals by manned examination of identity documents and details of the registering professional.
  • Collection of bio-metrics i.e. finger-prints, photograph and signature and NSR registration form and fee for completing the registration. POS offices provide the human and technology infrastructure for collection of biometrics and also handle the fee collection process.
  • Uploading the details collected from professionals to NSR central system through secure application.
  • Human interface to the registering professionals for query / help.
  • Spread of branches across the country for providing the services.

POS offices are also maintained as mobile units which can be moved to the company premises also so as to facilitate the employees to complete their NSR registration while being in their respective offices itself. POS also provides post-registration services like collection of renewal fee from the Knowledge Professional, processing duplicate card request etc.

List of POS offices and their contact details are available at, NSR helpdesk at nsr[at]nsdl[dot]co[dot]in can be contacted for more details.

EBCs are third party independent service provider entities that verify the authenticity of the information registered by the professionals on NSR. In order to provide consistent and standard verification services to the users of the system, NDML and NASSCOM have empanelled a few entities having expertise in the area of background verification. Empanelment is done by a "Selection Committee" comprising representatives of NASSCOM, NDML and representatives from the industry. Detailed process for empanelment of EBCs is available at

EBCs have agreed to adhere to common verification process and approved reporting format, so as to ensure uniformity of approach and consistency of results in conducting verification and easy interpretation and understanding of results by users.

Verification request : EBCs carry-out verification of the details at the request of either the registered professional or at the request of a subscriber company which has been authorised by such professional to view the profile.
Verification process : EBCs have online access to NSR system and can view details of such professionals for whom verification has been requested from them. After collecting the documents / fee required for verification from the verification requesting user, they are expected to carry-out verification of the details from the source of the information such as verification of a university degree from the university registrar itself.
Verification results : Upon completion of verification exercise, EBC enters the verification results in the specified format against the professional's profile. The professional and the authorised companies can see the verified profile with background check results against each individual details verified by the EBC.

NSR system maintains permanent record of all the details and the results, so that same information need not be verified repeatedly.

List of Empanelled Background Checker (EBC) is available on