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NASSCOM aims to promote the interests of the industry by projecting India as the preferred off-shoring destination. Under its ambit of "Trusted Sourcing", NASSCOM has taken up the Industry initiative of developing this National database of registered and verified workforce for its member companies as "National Skills Registry (NSR)". NSR seeks to develop a life-time permanent profile for each person working in the industry. Such profiles will be uniquely identified based on bio-metric and will hold credible data about each industry employee including results of background check conducted by a professional third party on the information of such person. NSR is a web-based system hosting a fact sheet of information about existing and prospective employees of Indian IT & ITeS / BPO industry. This can be used by the IT & ITeS / BPO industry and its clients as a credible source of information about the registered professionals.

NSR system has been designed in co-operation with the industry by collecting inputs from industry representatives. NSR is continuously evolving with its user orientation by having a NSR Steering Committee consisting of industry representatives for reviewing NSR progress and use by the industry. Details of important NSR attributes or cornerstones are available at NSR Attributes page and these include

  • Central System
  • Unique Profiles (One person - One profile)
  • Deterrence for professionals faking their profiles
  • Identity Assurance
  • Data Ownership & Privacy
  • Factual and Objective data
  • NSR empanelled background checkers
  • Standard background check processes
  • Transparency of background check process
  • Permanent use of background check reports
  • Online background check process

Role of participating companies

Participating companies act as contributors as well as users of the system

Join NSR

Any company that is a member of NASSCOM or approved by NSR can be user of NSR, provided it registers as a subscriber on NSR system. To subscribe to NSR, a company needs to make an application in the prescribed format. Subscriber Registration Form is available on Click here to Download

Create users to access NSR system

Each subscriber company creates users for NSR system to access the system on its behalf. These users who are its officials managing employee recruitment, verification, on-boarding and off-boarding and engagement processes access NSR on behalf of the company to perform their functions. Every user so registered can access the system through NSR website using secure Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).

Register employees and job applicants to NSR

NSR participating companies advise NSR registration to their existing employees and job applicants so as to have an online, permanent, credible and uniquely identified profile for each employee.

View the profiles of registered professionals

Company Users can view / download profiles of present employee of their company and also of such Professionals who are not employees of the company but have authorised their company to access the profile. The profiles will have information as claimed by the professional and background check results (if any).

Background Checks through the system

NSR system provides an online technology platform using which companies can set-up request for getting background check done. In case the details are already partly verified the company can get an incremental verification for only “Not Verified” information. Companies have a choice of:

  • The professionals for whom background check is to be conducted.
  • The details about a professional which needs to be verified according to its policy or client requirement.
  • The background checker among all the empanelled background checkers who should conduct the verification.
  • Charges to be paid for the verification service can be negotiated directly with the selected verification agency.

Conducting checks through the system ensures electronic and fast flow of data in standard formats, permanent storage of background check reports with one click access on a central system.

Confirm details for present employees

The Companies have been provided following facilities in respect of their present employees registered on NSR:

  • Access their profiles without any restriction or charges till the time the employee is continuing with the company
  • Confirm the present employment details as entered by the employee. This helps by providing instant source verification for the present employment details without requiring third party engagement and hence saves time and cost for everyone. This also builds a self sustaining model in which each company can confirm such details and profile keeps on building-up.
  • In case of employees getting relieved from the company, confirm their relieving date on the system. This feature is again useful for the employee (acts as a relieving letter) and for the company ( as an off-boarding and dis-association process).
  • Upload existing background check reports for employees.
  • Record the details of any court case or FIR filed against an employee with details of documentary evidence