National Skills Registry (NSR) Registration for NISM Certification Applicants

NSR Brief

NSR is a facility developed and managed by NSDL Database Management Limited (NDML) at the request of NASSCOM (the premier trade body and the chamber of commerce of the IT-BPO industries in India and its member companies. An important objective of NSR is to develop secure identity for each registered person (referred to as Knowledge Professionals) along-with a detailed fact-sheet of information. This profile for each Knowledge Professional (KP) is hosted online on NSR system and can be accessed by users authorized by the KP to view his / her profile. KP can register his / her demographic, academic, employment experience and biometric details to complete the registration process. In order to ensure that each employee can have only one unique industry profile, NSR has deployed a biometric based system. NSR issues a registration number i.e. NSR Registration number, also called ITPIN for each registered profile. The KP himself / herself or the user companies authorized by the KP can access the profile with reference to this NSR Number/ITPIN. Authorized companies or KP can request for a background check to verify the information of the KP. Background Verification Companies (EBCs) empanelled by NSR would carry out the verification and report the verification results against the profile for the KP.

NSR is used by IT & BPO industry and a few companies in financial services sector for creating and referencing secure and verified online profile of employees and job applicants.

NSR for NISM Certification Applicants

National Institute of Securities Market (NISM) is an institute established by Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). NISM develops certification programmes for various segments of financial markets. Employees of the financial market intermediaries and other persons can appear for these certification programmes and comply with market regulator's requirements / improve their knowledge of the market segment and applicable regulatory regime.

NISM has decided to use NSR facility for registering the persons appearing for NISM Compliance certification examinations so that:

  • Identity of the persons appearing for the examinations can be established using existing NSR registration procedure.
  • Bio-metric based uniqueness assurance system deployed by NSR can facilitate NISM to ensure that each certification applicant has a biometrically checked unique profile.
  • Permanent and online profile can be established for each certification applicant.
  • NISM is able to reference the registration of each certification applicant.

NISM Certification process

  • Details of the certification modules for which NSR registration is mandatory is available on NISM website at
  • Detailed process for registering for NISM Certification modules is available on NISM site at :
  • NSR Registration Process for NISM certification applicants is detailed below for your convenience. Please complete your NSR registration as per process listed below and complete the steps as listed on NISM website for the Certification programme.

Checklist of details required and process for creation of your NSR profile and documents which may be referenced for completing NSR registration
  • Click at : Register for NSR
  • Registration page will open in a new window and display the registration process, fees and terms & conditions. You are encouraged to read and understand the same.
  • Following details are required to be entered on NSR site. Also mentioned are the documents that may be referenced for entering the information and relevant helping remarks about the details being entered.
Details to be entered Reference Requirement (if any) / Remarks
Registration requested by Three options are provided

  • My present Employer,
  • My Future Employer,
  • Registering at my own.
NISM certification applicants may select the option “Registering at my own”.
Personal Details Section
Previous Name (If any) If you were known by a different name earlier
Mother's Maiden Name  
Father's Name  
Spouse's Name  
Date of Birth  
Present Address
Permanent Address and
Immediately Previous Addresses (if any)
If you are staying at your present address for less than one year you may enter details of your immediately previous address as well.

If you are/were staying outside India, select the option “Outside India” in “State” field and than enter the state name (if applicable) and select the country from provided list of countries.
Contact Numbers

  • Residence
  • Office
  • Mobile
Provide at least one number; it would be useful in communicating with you.
Email address Ensure to provide a valid and frequently accessed email address. All NSR communications including your NSR Number (ITPIN) will be sent at this email address.
Passport details (Number, date of expiry, place of issue) – If Applicable Copy of Passport can be referenced
PAN details Copy of PAN Card can be referenced
Log-in details  
User ID (To be entered as per your choice) Please remember this information as you will require this for accessing your profile.
Log-in Password (To be entered as per your choice)
Transaction Password (To be entered as per your choice)
Hint question for resetting password (selected from available choices)
Answer to hint Question
Login password is required for accessing your profile and Transaction password is required for updating your profile
On submission of Information at this stage NSR site will accept information, prompt for error rectification if any and will issue an Acknowledgement Number. You may note down the same. An email stating your Acknowledgment number and further steps for completion of registration process will also be sent to you on the email ID mentioned by you in the personal details section.
Qualifications Details
Academic Qualification (SSC onwards) / Professional Qualifications / Technical Qualifications Qualifications are divided into three categories i.e. Academic, Professional and Technical. For entering the qualification details you may need to refer to your qualification certificates. If for any qualification you do not have all the details this can be added after NSR Number/ITPIN generation as well. For academic qualifications list of Education Boards / universities is provided as a list, if your Board / University does not appear, you can enter the same by selecting the option “Others” from the list.
Career Information (Present & Past employment details)
Name of the Company If you are not able to find your present employer company in the list, please send us an email at with details of such company. We will update the list and inform you.

In case of previous employer companies if the company worked with is not in the list you can enter it yourself, using “Not in the List “option which appears as the last value in the search results.
Employee Code (Mandatory for present employment) Appointment letters can be referred if you do not remember the details
Joined in (Month / Year)
Joined As (Designation)
Address of the company
Telephone Number (mandatory only for present employment)
Present Designation ( for Present Employment)  
Relieved in (Month / Year) - for past employments  
Relieved As (Designation) - for past employments  
Review the details entered by you and modify any mistake This is very important, please click on “Submit & View” to review the details and modify the same if required.
Mode of Payment Payment of Rs. 460 towards registration and first year annual usage fee can be made either online using credit card or by cash at the Point of Service
Take Print-out of Acknowledgement Form generated by NSR Print-out of Acknowledgement Form is a mandatory requirement
Stage – II – Biometric Registration at Point of Service (POS)
Visit POS set-up (list available at, Please Carry :

  • Acknowledgement Form printed from NSR with your Passport size Photograph pasted and duly signed by you
  • Proof of identity – either of Employee ID card / Driving License / PAN Card/ Voter ID Card / Passport / College ID card (less than one year old)
  • Registration fee of Rs. 460 (if not paid online)
What does POS do : POS will collect your acknowledgement form, verify your details with proof of identity, collect the payment and will also collect your finger-prints. POS will scan your photograph as provided by you, please review the scanned image as the same will be appear on your NSR profile. POS will issue Transaction Identification Number (TIN)
Your NSR Number (ITPIN) Generation : POS will upload the details to NSR central system. Your NSR Number/ITPIN will be generated by NSR system and an email will be sent to your registered email ID. Now you can start accessing your profile. Please review your profile regularly and keep it updated.

Click here to get started with your NSR registration: Register for NSR

Contact : 022 – 4914 2576 / 2577 / for any information / clarification relating to NSR registration.

For queries / clarifications relating to NISM tests, test schedules, registration on NISM test administrator site etc.
Please contact :