National Skills Registry / NSR System Features

NSR system is built keeping in view the spread of Professionals and need for the user companies to access it from multiple locations. The users, whether professionals or companies, are proficient in computer operations with self-learning capability, security conscious and may need to access the system anytime from anywhere. Therefore, NSR is designed to be a web-based system with the following features

Users can access NSR anytime, from anywhere, wherever internet connection is available.

System features for Registered Professionals

  • Convenience of completing registration in multiple sessions
    After submission of few personal details, NSR issues an Acknowledgement No. to the professional. If all required details for registration completion are not available or it is intended to complete the registration at a later time, the professional can complete his / her website registration within seven days of issuance of this number. This ensures convenience in registration.
  • Tool Tips and guidance is available for various sections and fields during NSR usage. While doing the registration if the professional has made any error or skipped any mandatory data field and if he / she presses "enter" key or "Submit" button the details of error are informed and highlighted to ensure ease of operation for registration.
  • Uniqueness of a Professional is determined on textual as well as his / her biometric details.
  • Alerts / Emails are provided on generation of Acknowledgement number, completion of registration, completion of verification etc.
  • Profile updations
    The profile can be updated for changes in data such as address change, job change, additional qualification etc.
  • Audit Trail is maintained in the database for all relevant actions / performed events such as log-in, log-out, data updations.
  • Convenient & Secure Access for Professionals
    Registered professionals can access their NSR profile on NSR website by using ITPIN issued by NSR and Log-in ID and Log-in password created by the professional. NSR provides for a quick and convenient log-in process whereby if a person has forgotten all his / her log-in details can also reset the details online and access the profile quickly.

Other features

Site is designed for online as well as for bulk mode operation.

Redundancies are built at all levels ensuring high availability of NSR setup.

Use of security measures like Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate, Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) from Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) approved Certifying Authorities (CA's) etc.

Maker / Checker concept implemented for enhanced accuracy of the data to be entered by Empanelled Background Checker (EBC) for updating background verification results.