Retrieve your NSR Log-in ID

Access to your NSR profile is based on your NSR Registration number i.e. ITPIN and your NSR Log-in ID and Password. Your Log-in ID and Password are created by you as per your choice for accessing the profile. These are known to you only.
In case you have forgotten your Log-in ID, the following facility can be used to retrieve the same. You will need to provide the following details and if the details are correct, your Log-in ID will be sent to your Email ID registered with NSR system.

Date Of Birth*

In case your NSR email ID has changed since the time you registered and is not accessible now, an additional facility of sending this mail to an alternate and currently used Email ID is provided. To avail the same select the check-box below and provide the required details. The email will be sent both on your registered as well as alternate email ID. Please note this will NOT update your Email ID with the system, that can be done by accessing your profile and correcting your Email ID by using the option "Correct Errors in Data".

E-mail on Alternate E-Mail ID Please check on the Box
Mother's Maiden Name*
E-mail ID*