Welcome to NASSCOM, National Skills Registry

Search your ITPIN

Your NSR Registration number i.e. ITPIN is sent to you by email on your email ID registered with NSR. It is also available on your NSR
Card. In case you have forgotten the same and are not able to retrieve from these sources you can search for your ITPIN using this link.
You will need to enter either: Your Acknowledgement Number (Generated upon doing NSR web-registration and sent to you by email) or
Your TIN i.e. Transaction Identification Number (issued by Point of Service upon submission of bio-metrics) or Combination of your
Mother's maiden name and Date of Birth. If the details provided are correct, your ITPIN will be shown on the screen for your use. Please
note that for future reference.

Acknowledgement Number
Tin Number
Mother's Maiden Name
Date of Birth