Welcome to NASSCOM, National Skills Registry


NSR seeks to develop a unique and trusted fact-sheet of information about the registered professionals. Your fact-sheet will have your personal, educational and experience information. You can choose to share this information with a NSR subscriber company through the system. Such company and your present employer company will have access to your details and can get the details verified by a background verification agency or view the details of already available verification reports and can upload the details of verifications conducted by them. The verification agency will verify the details claimed by you and will post the verification results against your profile. The information entered by you and verification results on such information can be viewed by your present employer company and companies authorised by you.

1. You can create only one NSR profile for you, any subsequent profile if created by you will be marked by NSR as a duplicate profile.

2. Please ensure that you enter only correct and accurate information on your profile so that verification results are positive.

3. Information once verified cannot be edited or deleted and will become permanent.

Registration is a two step process  


STEP I:  Create your profile on NSR website 

STEP II:  Registering finger prints data through a Point of Service (POS)  

STEP I: Create your profile on NSR website.  

  •  The data will be collected in three sections viz, Section 1 (Personal Details), Section 2 (Qualification Details) & Section 3 (Employment Details). 

  •  You will be requiring the following while registration and filling the section 1 of registration. 

  •  Passport Number (if any). 

  •  Permanent Account Number (if any).

  •  Details of Qualifications, year of passing, name of the board/university, and roll numbers.

  •  Details of past & present employment (if any).

    • At the end of first section you will be required to set up your Login Id, and two passwords (Login & Transaction). You need to remember these to use NSR.


    • Once you set up the password, system will provide an 'Acknowledgement Number'. Please record & remember this acknowledgement number. You will need the Acknowledgement number and login password to complete your profile, if you decide to complete it later. You can break the session after completing this first section.


    • After successfully completing all the 3 sections the system will ask for payment of registration fee viz. The NSR fee includes registration fee of 300, first year annual maintenance fee 100 and applicable tax. (Tax will be applicable as per present address mentioned by you during NSR registration process).


    • Method of payment: You may pay the fees online using Credit card at the end of web-registration; or in Cash or Demand draft to Point of Service (POS) 

    •  After selecting the payment option as Payment to POS or making the payment online, system will generate your acknowledgement form. Please print the form. You need to affix a recent passport size photograph, sign this and submit to POS to complete your registration.

     STEP II :  Registering finger prints data through a Point of Service (POS)

    • Visit POS within 50 days from generation of acknowledgement number. Link to the list of POS centers is available on home-page of NSR website. 


    • Do not forget to carry along with you the following 

    a) Photo identity for yourself (List of Documents) 

    b) Acknowledgement form - please paste your recent photograph on it.

    • POS will scan your fingerprints, signature and photograph.

    • Pay fee of 400 + Applicable tax to the POS (if not paid online).

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