National skill database may have 5l registrations by March
15 Sep, 2008, 0000 hrs IST,Deepshikha Monga, ET Bureau

NEW DELHI: National Skills Registry (NSR), the IT-ITeS industry database of employees to counter impersonation and fake CVs, will finally touch half-a-million registration mark by March 2009. Nasscom is now looking at tie-ups with universities for registration of students about to join the workforce.

NSR is an online database of the educational qualifications and skill sets of a person, access to which can be provided to a prospective employer by the individual. The information is verified by an independent third-party provider.

Currently, there are 58 companies and over 340,000 employees registered with NSR. While Nasscom had targeted the half-a-million mark by March 2008, there have been challenges to its implementation.

"The industry has a fairly large employee base (over 2 million) and there were initial concerns about the privacy of data shared and other legal issues", Nasscom president Som Mittal said. While the database is handled by NSDL Database Management, an NSDL subsidiary, Nasscom works towards promoting it among its member companies.

Since frauds related to identity occur mostly with freshers or people with a few years of experience, the NSR registration process is conducted at company campuses during the induction period of new employees. Mr Mittal says while the initiative targets such employees, other older employees can also see the benefits of having such a record and register themselves.

Companies such as Cognizant believe that an initiative like NSR will take time to address the issue of fake CVs but is a step in the right direction. "The NSR initiative will help enhance the brand equity that the Indian IT sector enjoys globally.

It will also add to the comfort of our customers experience in working with us. With the participation of all Nasscom member companies, this will become the IT industry's equivalent of the Social Security Number," says Cognizant chief people officer T Sridhar. The company has over 30,000 employees registered with NSR.

Nasscom has now been approached by other agencies that want to implement a similar system. "We have seen demand for such a system come from security agencies for their security personnel as well as transport agencies for the cab drivers. We believe this should not be restricted to IT," Mr Mittal said.