Skills registry ID to sniff out fake CVs


By Dheeksha Rabindra, DH News Service, Bangalore:




Every time an employee is short-listed by the company for hiring, the HR department is faced with the challenge of making sure that all furnished information is correct...



HR departments are dogged by integrity issues violated by employees like faked education and experience certificates, inflated CTC, among others.

Recently MindTree fired 100+ employees for filing fake resumes and on integrity issues. TCS also fired around 20 employees last year on the same ground and has initiated an internal investigation on the same.  This is an issue bothering all large IT companies in the country.

Can the National Skills Registry (NSR) ID tackle these issues troubling IT and BPO industry? Speaking to Deccan Herald MindTree Ltd Vice President Head Talent Acquisition Sanjay Shelvankar said: “It should soon be made mandatory requirement for any employee who joins an IT company. We are pushing for the same with Nasscom. Every IT employee should have a NSR number just like Social Security Number in US.”


Nasscom Chairman Ganesh Natarajan said: “Ideally that’s the end point of NSR. To make that happen, all companies should get into it. We are looking at getting all companies into it in next 12-18 months.”

Industry initiative

To improve the recruitment practices in IT and BPO industry, Nasscom in January 2006, launched NSR — a centralised database of all employees of IT services and BPO companies in India.

It contains third party verified personal, qualification and career information of IT professionals. NSR is managed by NSDL Database Management Ltd (NMDL), a fully owned subsidiary of National Securities Depository Ltd (NSDL).

Till date about 4 lakh employees across 72 companies are registered with NSR. The IT and BPO industry employs 20 lakh people. 

“Once we have complete database, stringent action has to be imposed saying if a candidate does not have NSR number or updated the NSR bio-data he won’t be interviewed. We are not too far from this. Even government is looking at options of single identity, which might coincide,” said Natarajan.

Once registered in NSR database, any company can check the candidate’s authenticity, and get the education and experience verified through the third party. Already 13 such agencies have been working with Nasscom on background verification.

“The industry has not logged on to NSR in a big way. I guess costs are an issue to get a wider acceptance,” Srinivas Vadla — Head HR, Perot Systems’ Insurance & Business Process Solutions Group.

Cost effective

Companies, as well as, individuals can register to NSR for Rs 300 and regular updating has to be done by an individual. If they fail, and if company opt for verification, the agencies will update the same, which can be viewed by anyone who access that particular resume. 

“If a company finds out an employee faking his resume, it should take the responsibility to initiate validation. He will be blacklisted completely. Recently of the 100+ employees who were fired, over 60 employees who were on NSR database have been blacklisted,” said Sanjay. Currently, some companies are registering only new entrants. Where as some  like Zensar have all its employees on NSR. Mindtree is also planning to get its entire staff on NSR.